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10 Easy Ways to Lighten Up Any Recipe

Boost Nutrition and Cut Calories in the Kitchen


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Good ideas. Report
I make salad dressing with good seasons mix, lemon juice and safflower oil. Lemon juice replaces vinegar. Report
Good ideas Report
Nice Ideas, thanks! Report
Great ideas! Report
thanks, good ideas. Report
Good suggestions. Some I may try but not the cottage cheese replacing half of ricotta. I can work around the fat more so than the high amount of salt that is in the cottage cheese. Have not found one that is loaded so much with that I taste pure salt. I have cut cottage cheese completely. Report
good points Report
A few calories here and a few calories there and it all adds up! Report
Helpful! Report
nice...thanks.... Report
Updated science tells us fat is not the enemy! Good fats from organic meats, nuts, olive oil, lard, full-fat dairy, grass-fed butter, egg yolks, avocados and fish oils are vital to health and weight. BAD fats are omega-6 seed oils, and all margarine.
Low fat foods are usuallly loaded with sugar to make them palatable. Stay away! Report
Great ideas! Report
Great ideas...............Thank You. Report
Great ideas. Wow!! Report

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