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Diabetes Weight-Loss Workout Plan

An 8-Week, Easy-to-Follow Plan for Beginners


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I'd join the team but too much video and reading time. I more or less understand the disease and what it does to you. I am very busy and share computer with 3 kids so my computer time is limited. Good for those who are on the team and have completed it. Report
This is great and for me, not a one shot deal.
Visiting the 8-Week Easy-to-Follow Plan again is a great way to help us stay on track. Like athletes, we must practice to obtain our goals. (Granted I am not an athlete, that's why I need the practice. ) Report
While this is challenging you have already given us a lot of support and information Report
thanks for all the wonderful comments, motivation, encouragement and the articles. I too am new at this diabetes and it is hard, but I am trying even harder so I don't have to take this medicine for long. I work out, swim and walk. I take care of children also and now I don't even buy the chips and cookies for them, they eat healthy along with me and they like the food. thanks so much for sparks, it really has me thinking with a new attitude. Report
Hmmm! Hurts a lot more getting it off than putting it on! Perserverance is the key along with a lot of motivation. Im going to make this a one-day-at-a-time adventure and let the small steps become mighty. Prayer. Report
I am just getting started, I am a little uneasy, but am hopeful that I can meet my goal with the help that SparkPeople have to offer! Ladyslipper8 Report
This is going to be a BIG challenge for me. I have been a certifyed couch potato for over 10 years. My new mantra is " Yes I Can" Report
I can Tell i am really out of shape trying this work out. Hope that next time i can do them all Report
I like this I wish there were a team that concentrated on for more than 8 weeks. Report
This is a great article. I am thnkful for SparkPeople and articles like this to help us become healthier individuals. Report
I don't want diabetes, so that is why I keep working at being a Sparker. I know that so many people do have diabetes, so this is a good article. Report
I like this.....wish that I had had something like this when I was starting out, but then I would not have even attempted it back then....still have to do most of my exercise in the chair but am getting better, more range of motion and more balance, which is always good. Report

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