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How to Tame Wedding Planning Stress

6 Ways to Say ''I Do'' with Ease


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Too many peopl eare invested in the idea of a fairy tale wedding. Big dress, big wedding, big reception. WHY? Spending a fortune doesn't make you any happier, and could cause more stress after the wedding if you have to pay the bills.

Sall is beautiful, chaep and allows you to concentrate on the union, not the show. Report
Great article! Report
Great article, thanks. I’m getting married soon and planning a simple wedding. 12 guests and 2 of those are my grandbabies , flower girls aged 1&4. Report
September 29, 2018 I was based in Jesus Christ of Latter Day of Saints at 99th and Calumet Church ⛪️ in Milwaukee, WI. My dream is marry JASON RAYMOND in the Chicago Temple for a Forever Marriage! This is my Dream! Tuesday May 28, 2019. Report
Absolutely Report
Our wedding weekend was filled with record-breaking rains and flooding, a curfew the night of the family and out-of-towner dinner, and our Sunday brunch on the beach was moved because the beach had to close due to high seas. Yeah. We gave up caring about the weather and focused on being surrounded by family and friends, having the flowers and elegant candlelit restaurant look I wanted, and amazing chocolate cakes my friends made for our wedding.

Otherwise, I'd have been a stressed out mess!!! (Oh, did I mention that part of the ceiling at the synagogue caved in from the rain, and knocked over the chuppah? Yeah, it was an event to remember. People still talk about the horrible weather and the fabulous chocolate cake, fifteen years later!)
I don't remember.... Report
My wedding was NOT stressful, NOT expensive, and required very little planning. Maybe it's because my husband had been married before, and we were both in our 40s, but we didn't invest a lot of time fussing about the details. We knew we wanted a church wedding and a tasteful but simple reception afterwards at a local restaurant -- but our focus was on the MARRIAGE, i.e., the promises we were making and committing ourselves to -- not the events of a single day. Report
Wedding planning can be very stressful so it is worth looking around first and find a wedding organizer like you should also make sure you like the planner. If you have a good relationship then they will be able to fulfill your wedding wishes so that you can relax more. The whole point is so that you have a less stressful time. You want to enjoy the day, not be on edge and worried if anything has not quite gone to plan. Report
My wedding was a complete mess. We forgot the rings, I forgot my note cards & don't even remember what I ended up saying, guests were showing up when I was still in my sweats & not even dressed yet. Then, at the end everyone decided the reception was over & started cleaning before we even got our first dance! So, we didn't do any dancing or bouquet/garter tossing. Guests kept consoling me on not remembering my "lines" or having my note cards (so, these weren't "hidden" mishaps). The best part is that we didn't get to eat one bite of our wedding food! His family started packing up the food and took it to a party they threw that evening (he & I couldn't attend). So, we let the wedding be done and went to McDonald's for our wedding meal - we were exhausted and it was on the way home.

You know what though? We've been happily married for two years, and at the end of that day he was my husband! So, we look back & laugh at our very expensive mishap of a wedding. It has it's own charm despite all the mess, and I now get to call him my hubby! As long as you're married at the end of the day...the wedding is a success! :) Report
Just have a wedding reception after you go to the justice of peace. Report

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