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13 Yoga Poses for Runners

A Runner's Guide to Yoga


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Excellent...............Thank You. Report
Like this. Report
Thank you! Report
Love this article! Report
Wish there was some way to print these off on a couple of pages!! Report
It took me a long time to learn that yoga is great. Now I practice every day in addition to my runs, they go well together. My morning yoga preps my muscles for an intense run. I don't feel sore or out of breath, or have any issues with my feet or knees any more. Report
I love the cow face post and have used it to sit for long periods on floors. But sadly it does not seem to do anything to my IT band. It's still agony to roll it out on a foam roller. Report
Very interesting; thank you. Report
I love doing the Figure 4 & Pyramid poses, really good stretches! Report
I can't do Virasana and I don't know why....hurts my knees and my knees just don't bend into the position...even with a block. Report
Oh my gosh! I am so grateful that this article popped up on my feed. I'm so bad about stretching and part of it is because I don't know what to do. Every one of the pictures made me go, "Ooo, yes," like I could feel the stretch. Definitely adding this to the favorites and doing it tomorrow after my run. Thank you! Report
Great article--very helpful.

I understand why these articles are always prefaced by a warning to check with your doctor first, but it makes me laugh. Most doctors are painfully clueless about nutrition or exercise because they are taught to dispense pharmaceuticals instead. You can check with your doctor, but trust me, you probably know a lot more than they do. Report
great stretches. Some i'm not sure i'm doing correctly. Would make a good post run video as i can't remember the sequence. Report
I love this article! So many poses for that feel good stretch! Report
Thank you for the idea on putting into my desktop favorites! I just got diagnosed with tendonitis in my left achilles and this routine is perfect and I can do some in my office.


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