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Success Story VIDEO: Running Down 120 Pounds

How Running Could Change Your Life


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This is exactly what I needed to see right now. Thank you Report
Wow great and inspiring video! Report
Had me in tears, but what a great story! Thank you for sharing!! Report
What a handsome guy with a very inspiring story. Loved this blog! Report
Awesome Video Bro! Inpiring for sure! Report
That made me tear up! Inspirational. Report
Sitting here in tears. Way to go Ben! Report
I don't know how to run, but i'll start first thing tomorrow THANK you BEN & SparkPeople!!....I needed this today! Report
thank you BEN you kicked started this 67 year old recycled teenager butt
my mind yells yes but my body screams no
BUT I CAN WALK and walk i will
That was such an incredibly moving story. It's amazing to see somebody make such a positive change in their life. Way to go Ben! =) Report
thank you Sparkpeople for providing inspiration, and thank you Ben for the perspiration; both are welcome and appreciated. Congratulations on your success Report
Still crying!!!!!!!!! Report
I don't know where to start, this was such an amazing story. Now if I can stop was so inspiring! Report
Omg... That almost made me cry. I can't even express how much I admire people who are able to catch themselves up when they are down like that.... RESPECT to everybody who does such a big journey!!!!!! Report
OMG!! So inspiring!

I've always been a "healthy" weight. I am here to change some habits and make my dreams happen- running a marathon would be awesome; but I'd always believe it was impossible with my problems. This video has changed that. Thank you Ben for being an inspiration Report

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