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Success Story VIDEO: Running Down 120 Pounds

How Running Could Change Your Life


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This was absolutely awesome. I am in tears right now and I don't even fully know why. Thanks so much - this was JUST what I needed to see today. Report
What an inspiration! keep on going Ben Report
Thanks Ben- shed more than a few tears at this amazing video and story!! Wow- There is nothing "ordinary" about you. Well done !! Report
Wow! what an amazing inspiration to us all. Well done . Report
Thanks Ben! You went beyond bringing tears ,I cried . I needed motivation and it's hard to have it sometimes. Thant you I know it wasn't a easy journey. Good luck Report
Way to go Ben! You are truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing! Report
Great article. I really hate running, but know it has the potential to help. My feet and knees hurt when I do it, but I'm thinking about getting a new pair of shoes and trying it again as I always sweat better and lose weight better when I do it. Currently back up to 316... Report
WOW, I love your story! You totally inspired me. So proud of you!! Report
Thanks, Ben. I have a physical disability and sometimes get discouraged. Today I wanted to skip the gym but this reminded me that I work out in order to do all the other things that make life worth it. Journey, Hope and Love. Report
Awesome Ben! I love running Report
I loved this. Thank you Ben for the inspiration! I'm going to keep reminding myself that if I want to do it, all I have to do is do it. Report
Dang it sparkpeople! Your inspiring videos make me cry every time! Report
Thanks Ben,
Just like the others this made me teary eye as well. Thanks I can do this I got this!!! Report
You are amazing, Ben! Thanks for sharing your incredible journey! And, yes, it brought tears to me as well. Happy tears!! Report
What an inspiration. Just Do it! Great video--made me think about the limits I've placed on myself by not trying. Thank you for reminding me anything is possible if I make the effort. Report

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