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''Running Helped Me Lose Almost 100 Pounds!'' *

A Health Scare Inspired MKKAYA to Start Losing Weight


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thanks. good advice. Report
thanks. Report
Great job! Report
Inspiring! Report
Congratulations on beating the odds!!! Report
so good to see his success! Report
You look great! Knew you could do it! Report
Mike you look great. Congratulations on your success. Report
This is exactly what I needed today. I started the couch to 5k program this morning, it was quite hard, but I know it will be worth it.

Thank you :) Report
Great article!
I was physically disabled from age 12-22, but, after I went into remission, I picked up running as a couple of my colleagues were into it (and it had a pretty low startup cost, as a single mum back then, I didn't have resources to spare on myself). After I remarried at 26, I was experienced enough to get a lot of contract work to help catch me up financially, and just worked too darned much after my second son was born at age 28. After finally completing my bachelor's at age 31, I was able to get a better job and cut back on my freelancing... but, we'd moved to the suburbs for better schools and I was spending too much time in the car commuting and working overtime.
In December of 2014, I flew to a conference and had to get a seat-belt extender.

I decided I'd had enough of scheduling time for everything but me and started getting up at 5am so I could have an hour to walk, then jog, every morning and shower before work. While that had me falling asleep after dinner every night, at least I'd finally carved out a routine that no one would interrupt (because they were all still asleep).

After about a year (no change in eating habits, I've always done pretty well there), I had lost ~26lbs. I'm back up to running in intervals now. Though I'm land-locked in the burbs and have to use a treadmill that crashes after 30 minutes of use... so, I break up my workouts.

No more commute for me, since I just got a new job, and doc finally adjusted my thyroid meds. Wish me luck as I get back to my running speed from over a decade ago. (no marathons, people and noise overwhelm me.)

Appreciate all of the tools from SparkPeople and the positivity of the community. Everyone here rocks. Report
Hi, I'm Adellita 782 I had been part of sparkpeople since 2006 and I lost also some pounds. I lost 70 pounds, with different types of diets and I danced and walked. Report
Hi, i used to be part of sparkpeople. I had been since 2006. Since then I had lost also pounds. It took me 10 years to loose 70 pounds. I got to this first goal of 170 pounds. I did all sorts of diets and I also danced. Report
No running here, especially outdoors. Different standards for women - we're more likely to be made fun of if we run in public. I have a gym membership and don't go for that reason. My exercise, what little I'm motivated to do, is behind closed doors, where I will offend no one. Report
Thank you for sharing your story. It is very inspirational. I only wish I could run again. My knees are super worn out and I can only walk. But I have set a streak to walk 10,000+ steps every day! Today is Day 10.

SparkCheers, You look buff!

Nola Report
This story is truly inspirational. I used to never run because I was told once that I "run funny" and it forever made me feel self conscious. Now at almost 60 I finally am brave enough to do it no matter what I look like. And I am losing weight. I don't run 5k's ... just run at the park while my grandson rides his bike... for me, that works. Thanks for a great story. Report

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