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''I Overcame Grief and Self-Doubt by Running''

SparkPeople Members Motivated Jackie to Start Running


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Congrats on your progress! Report
Congratulations on becoming a runner! Report
This is the first time I've seen this. How nice to know a little more about you. Report
Very interesting story! I'm actually quite intrigued with the part by which the author stated she gained weight when she started running. Namely, I wonder how that happened. Was it a change in diet? Report
I'm proud of you! Thank you for the inspiration. Lately I have been pushing myself harder hoping to do a marathon someday. :-) when I have much on my mind I like to run it out. It makes problems seem smaller, when I feel stronger. Sorry to hear about your mom. Peace be with you! Report
I also took up running to help me with the grief of losing my mom, my cousin and my grandmother in less than a year's time. I was mired in sadness, depression and tears. I cried every day. I stayed home, baked, cried and didn't want to leave the house. A friend talked me into running with her. I had already lost 70 lbs and taken up cycling but running was so therapeutic for me.

A big hug and high five to those who turn to exercise and exertion to overcome grief. We have lost a tremendous amount but we gain something priceless along the way. That feeling of peace and at oneness that we get during and after a run. I can feel my mom with me, high-fiving me along the way. Report
I really needed to read this article, I just posted a blog about how I have no motivation due to greif, We lost my husbands son last New Years in a drunk driving accident and this holiday season has just not been that great. A few months back I joined a gym and was exercising on a daily basis then the gym closed and I got depressed again. I did notice that going to the gym really did help. These days though I am having trouble getting motivated, I guess because we are coming up on the one year anniversary of my stepsons death.
This article did give me some good insight on a healthy way to deal with grief. Thank you for sharing about your loss and what you did to help cope with that loss.
My prayers are with you and your family.
Thank You. Report
MissyJ! Look how far we've both come! I'm so proud of you! Report
Best wishes to you Jackie. You took a hard time in your life and dealt with it in a positive way, good luck! Report
How awesome to see you featured on SparkPeople Jackie! You are truly an inspiration! Report
A great article!! Thank you for sharing!!! Report
You truly are an inspiration. I'm proud to have you in my circle of friends.
~p. Report
Congratulations Jackie, and thank you for inspiring me!!! Report

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