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Dieting with a Positive Twist

Advice from SparkGuy


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Thank you for the encouraging words! I've been focused on everything I "can't" have and feeling kind of down this week instead of focusing on feeling better and healthier. I want to rush to my weight goals and it's not happening and I need to take a breath, relax and realize everything I do, no matter how small, is getting me there...the right way! Report
thank you for reminding me this is not just a diet but a way of life.... Report
So glad to read this! I started my journey this week and decided to just make a few changes at a time. I have done many restrictive diets in the past and they JUST DON'T WORK!!! I am actually enjoying myself this time around. Instead of getting rid of foods I like, I enjoy smaller amounts of them once in a while, and then incorporate better foods into my meals. I also am enjoying the exercise. Thank you for creating this site! It has been a blessing. Report
A lot of the friends that I've had since highschool are very busy with their own lives and have different goals than I do. I've made friends with a man from Florida, U.S.A. (I live in Ontario, Canada) and he's turned out to be an excellent exercise partner. We take turns buying phone cards and we'll go for hour long walks at least four times a week. We have webcams, too, and we'll exercise with each other using internet services such as Skype and MSN. A lot of our conversations, too, have to do with what we can do and eat to cut back on fat and calories. Report
I spent 15 sedentary years with back pain and within one month of joining SP I was taking walks, stretching with the fitness ball and coach Nicole videos and pain free- without meds. Now 3 1/2 months in I am exercising with a zeal I haven't felt since I was 20. Biking for 2 hours is a highlight of my day I look forward to as well as a small walk with the dogs :) Report
Its funny because just as I'm getting hungry I tell my self you can't get too hungry, find something now for when you can eat otherwise you'll get in trouble.. I never had those thoughts in my head before and now I keep my blood sugar level and am much happier. Report
This is wonderful advise and one I am finally understanding and following. Thank you for all the wonderful information you make available to me. Report
Just wanted I need to hear. I have been incorporating healthy foods into my meals, but sometimes the old way of thinking sneaks up on me and I think I am not making any progress. This article gave me a boost and the confidence that I am on the right track to getting healthy. Thanks! Report
This is a good common sense approach to health, very much in keeping with the spirit of the entire website. It keeps the whole process in perspective, helps to keep it manageable and, yes, enjoyable. I'm having a blast in the short time I've been a member here, and plan to keep it going. Thanks for the guidance and support. Report
WOO! I needed this. I will make sure to find exercise I like. Playing with my niece in the yard is the only thing I enjoy aside from tennis! Maybe I'll get a wii.... Report
I really needed to read this article today as I have been feeling a bit fed up with myself and dieting and failure to follow strict guidelines
so I must learn to believe in everyday healthy choices little steps Report
This article was exactly what I needed to read today! Thanks! Report
I think this is great advice except for people who are food addicts and get triggered by certain foods. In their case, it's essential to stay completely away from the foods that send them over the cliff. What it comes down to is that each person has to figure out what works for them. Just incorporating more fruits and vegetables into one's diet and generally eating more healthy does not work for every person. Some people need to carefully control what and how much they eat. Report
Great article. Eating more healthy foods sounds so much better than dieting. Report
Simple, good and a good point, I forget to keep it simple because I want it all right now ! Thank you for a good artitcle. Report

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