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Dieting with a Positive Twist

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Awesome...thanks! Report
Good article. Report
None of us should "diet". We need to change our habits. It needs to be a lifestyle change! Report
This article couldn't say better how I feel. I have been struggling with my weight for the last 2 years - after I give birth to my daughter - and it just didn't work and gave up. Came back a couple of weeks ago feeling different and the article says it all : it doesn't feel like a chore this time; my mind is at the right place. Report
great article. DIET should not be looked at as forbidden or a bad word or something your do that's associated with restrictions and deprivation. All diets are not created equal. learn how to recognize common fad diets which teaches you nothing about nutrition as well as unhealthy and temporary. As long as your diet has balance, lots of fiber from whole grains and fesh fruits, you are learning about preparing a variety of healthy meals, and it offers a good maintenence program a diet should be something you look forward to being on - because it's one way in life of becoming healthier! Report
I agree, I constantly tell people I am not on a "diet" I'm trying to cook and eat healthier. As was said, it seems their attitude changes to the positive then. i guess people have negative ideas about "diets" Report
The word "diet" simply refers to what a person or animal regularly consumes, so if we focus on a healthy, balanced "diet" we don't have to feel like we are "on a diet". When I am asked if I am "on a diet", I have stared to say, "No, I am trying to eat healthier." It changes how people react. Report
Really liking this! Eating better, and continuing with my Zumba class and faithfully taking my multivitamn. Super way of keeping track of calorie intake!! Thanks to you.:] Report
I feel like this article should not have been as big of an AH-HA moment as it was. The thought that to go on a 'diet' does not necessarily mean thinking of things to stop eating, but adding healthy choices in. DUH! I have NEVER thought of it like that. I always dread diets. Now, instead I have a goal! Add one good thing in a week!! Report
When I first began this journey I would have been one of those who dreaded the "diet". But I have learned that getting fit, looking better getting slim has been a wonderful experience. I have learned to cook healthier food and have learned that it's easier than my old ways of cooking. That's mainly because cooking healthy usually means fresh ingredients with little preparation and fussing. Just good, plain food with limited additions. It's both delicious and healthy. I also learned that walking every day increases my fitness but also lightens my mood, makes me feel accomplished and is fun. I have confidence now that I will maintain these healthy habits because they have become part of my daily routine. It didn't take a long time for that to happen and I am sure I'll be able to continue getting fitter, slimmer and healthier as time goes on. Report
I love this! What great advice. My friend is currently on a carb-backloading diet (I think that's what you call it) and, although she has lost weight, I think that it's more important to focus on healthy eating than on eating only specific foods as specific times of day. Personally, my goal is to feel better about my eating habits, not to dread them/get bored of them! Report
Is that salad photo supposed to be an example of a negative approach? Because it looks pretty tasty to me :) Report
I agree with all of the above especially the beautiful gift that we can give to ourselves. My day is soo much better when I take a walk/jog and have a healthy breakfast. It sets the mode for the day. When I do more and eat less I feel better. It is a no brainer. Finally down 10lbs and more to come. Report
I just have to get it through my cranium that I should only be consuming nutrients my body needs, not what I've learned to love. Report
I love this! I get to take care of myself and I love doing it! Report

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