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Smart Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

Decode, Treat and Prevent 5 Common Types of Post-Workout Pain


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Good to know. I will work some of these suggestions in my week. Report
Good article. Report
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Thank you for these ideals to help with muscle soreness Report
Thank you. This article is really helpful to me. Report
Pain is pain and I don't hold with it. Report
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I too suggest a hot bath w/ Epsom salts for soreness the day of the workout & the next day as well if needed. Alternating heat & ice works well for specific muscles. That being said, it is also important to begin each workout properly hydrated & to stay that way no matter the weather. There are recipes online for cheaply making your own electrolyte drinks w/o artificial flavors or colors.
Taking Calm, an easily absorbed magnesium supplement, really reduces odds for cramps & can be added to the electrolyte mixture. I also learned for myself that a banana a day eliminated nighttime cramps which were deep in the thigh. It can be hard to keep calcium, potassium & magnesium in proper ratio. Report
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