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6 Stretches for Runners After Crossing the Finish Line

How to Properly Stretch After You Run


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I love all of these ideas... I'm so horrible about stretching. I'm definitely going to give some of these a try! Report
Great info! I am just beginning to run. These will help me out. Report
LOVE all these stretches...when I 1st started running I didn't believe in stretches, then, I got hurt. My hips were hurting bad, I couldn't walk a step without my hips hurting. Went to the dr, recommended to see a physical therapist and all the stretches you see here are the same stretches I got recommended to do by my PT.
Great job posting! Report
I really like the piriformis stretches. It's the only stretch that helps my pirifomis syndrome. Report
I was told in Health & Fitness class in college that you should do the stretches after you warm up and doing some of these at the end of your workout could cause injuries I would be careful about what you do after your workout. Report
Love it Report
I am going to try the hip stretch - never heard of it before but it sounds like it might really help! Report
I am going to try these tomorrow for my first run ever. Its a 5 mile Turkey Trot. I will do a run through of these tonight. I am a little anxious about it. Report
Best. Stretches. Ever. Report
I am planning to become a runner (I think). Thanks for helping me do it safely! Report
I started running for the first time last spring, and this article was a real help. I really love the feeling i get after doing these stretches after a (for me) long run. Report
This was the best article for my minor complaints; my sciatic nerve & inner left thigh pain, & lower back pain. I try a few Yoga poses, child's pose, hero rising, up&down dog with a few others that I have practiced.

The yoga Poses I saved from Sparkpeople were new & effective for me and I am having a time finding my saved Yoga stretches. Well, well, well, these photos w/ instructions work aokaydokey too. I saved them to my collection, I would like to add them, as well as those yoga stretches to a regular routine; at least a once weekly routine. Well, provided my allergies & other stressful ssituations will allow me. Does that make since? Anyway I need to Keep up with these, cause my tail bone aches in real bad weather and sometimes my tailbone aches just to ache, probably from injuries which are numerous. Report

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