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Keep the Weight Off After Saying ''I Do''

6 Ways to Avoid Heavier Ever After


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the comments are comical! Report
Great article! Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
Thanks for the article my wife loved it! Report
Thank you for a good article. Report
After marriage can come more stress with jobs, lack of time to fix cutesy so called nutritious meals day in and day out. It’s never a perfect world, even for singles. Just knowing expert’s tips doesn’t mean people follow them well. Report
I wonder if the studies take into account the fact that several women get pregnant within those five years after marriage. But, I do agree with several points with this article! Report
Also stay on Spark and get your spouse on Spark! If you are both aware of the pitfalls then it is easier not to slip up! Report
I looked at these studies (not the original journal articles, but your links), and I think there are many variables in place here. There are many individual differences that people have, social contexts, the influence of others (who also have individual differences), the impact of time (historical, generational, maturational), and the interactions of these. Yes, I do think that friends or partners can have an impact, but it also depends on so many other factors, which influence each other transactionally over time, within a complex, dynamic system. I am a dorky developmental psychologist, so please excuse the rant. ;) Report
One puts things through a "wringer," not a "ringer." Report

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