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The Sneaky Calories You're Sipping On

Rethink Your Drink


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I am generally aware of these dangers and stick to mostly water and sugar free iced tea - skim milk in the evening only. Report
This is why my drink of choice is water Report
Plain water is the best. Sometimes I will put lime or lemon wedges in for a hint of flavor but that is my drink all day everyday. Report
I drink water, coffee hot and cold, tea, hot and cold for my beverages Report
thanks Report
Thanks Report
Seems I am doing pretty good by the list on the article. I DO drink milk but it is non homogenized skim milk from an local farm. I dont drink coffee and never have energy drinks. I drink organic herbal teas that benefits the body without being sweeten. I do not drink alcohol. Agree about the juice. Want the taste then eat the fruit!. However, due to a health condition, I was advised to use organic 100% concord grape juice since the glass of wine a day that was suggested is not an option. The sugar is high so this has me really watching sugar in other foods. I dilute the juice and drink half in morning, other half in evening.The water I drink/cook with is room temp and filtered. Just wished had been this way 20 to 40 years ago. Maybe would hit the 100yr mark. LOL Report
Water is so refreshing. Report
water for me Report
Common sense on these but worth the read. Report
I do like the flavor of 0 calorie flavored waters, though notice they have some sodium. Diet drink sweeteners are terrible for us and I avoid them. I will somtimes drink a half zip fizz as a pick-me-up and like to get vitamin C from EmergenC together with that. I realize I'm getting more Vitamin C than actually needed, but really believe it helps in avoiding colds and viruses. That's not proven, but my husband used to catch everything that came around until he upped his Vitamin C to around 6000 units a day. I won't take that much, but try for at least 1000. I drink more if some flavor is added to my water, but try to avoid calories. I quit soda years ago...especially when drinking it to give me some energy after the previous caffeine wore off. That's a Rx for trouble. I don't believe in drinking coffee or tea.... Report
no sugar drinks for me--but it took 456 yrs son Spark to learn this! Report
Thanks Report

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