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Sick Day Tips for People with Diabetes

Control Your Blood Sugar and Get Well


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I needed this article It is very helpful Report
My son had full blown flu. Vomiting, diarrhea. If you are that sick medication isn't working since it doesn't stay in your system contact your doctor. He got so sick he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. In ICU for 3 days. Hospital for 4 days. Thousands of dollars later. I am glad since he lives alone and we were out of town that he called for help. He has type 2 diabetes. He's a lot wiser now. Report
my husband has diabetes so this was useful thank you Report
This came at a good time for me but very general. Got a couple things out of it. I am now sick and have been with one thing or another for a month. Normally I am very healthy. But this past two months with pneumonia, Bronchitis, then a COPD attack. Now I have , I think, a stomach virus which we got from grandchildren. Could also be a month of antibiotics and steroids; Report
If I called my doctor, I'd get a recorded message to go to the Emergency Room. Report
Need more current information please. Report
I would hope the article will be up-dated since it is old.
Some of the article is different from others I have in another magazine I read it was not the same.
Can we find information that is up to date PLEASE.
I am type 2 and I follow my tracker-Thanks it is there for me.
Pat in Maine. Report
Thank you Report
Controversial. Report
Some of the information in this article is not good for diabetics. Why would you consume foods with carbs when you are trying to fight high blood sugar? If I ate 40 or more grams of carbs at any meal, my glucose levels would be very high and even higher if I were sick and eating that many carbs Report
Excellent article, good-need-to-know information, thanks. Report
Great article Report
Very good tips......................Thank You. Report
great tips Report
Thanks for the tips Report

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