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7 Whole-Grain Pastas You've Never Tried

Expand Your Palate with New-to-You Noodles


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Thank ou for the info. Report
This article was written in 2010, and it is 2019 now. I was already familiar with couscous and several of the others mentioned in this article. Since then, I have bought some yummy Black Bean pasta (sort of a fettucine shape or maybe spaghetti), available from Costco, and the Banza brand of Chickpea based pasta, available in a wide variety of shapes - wheels, shells, elbow, rotini, etc, and I've seen it at Amazon, Walmart, Target all sorts of places. So the alternatives ARE getting around! Although, I'm sure that tiny little 500-600 population villages like where I spent some of my childhood years probably do not carry as wide an assortment and if you are in a small place like that (yep! I know not everyone lives in the big huge cities like LA or NY or KC or Chicago etc!!) then you may still find it better to go in with some like-minded neighbors and order online to save postage/shipping costs.
I'm surprised the article didn't mention bean pastas. In addition to edaname pasta, like CKOUDSI617 suggested, I've also enjoyed chickpea and red lentil pasta, which contain more protein and less sugar than most of the ones on this chart. Plus, they're easy to find: I've gotten them at Wal-Mart and Food Lion. Report
Thanks for this article. It was very helpful! Report
I'm wheat intolerant so the only ones I don't eat are whole wheat and kamut. The rest are in my pantry. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
sound really good Report
thanks for sharing Report
LOVE the edamame pasta (not mentioned here). I also love "Skinny Pasta" (made from konjac) and is very low calories and high fiber. Report
Thanks for the side by side comparison. This article is very enlightening. Thank you. Report
Very interesting article into the world of pasta Report
Thanks for the information Report
Great ideas! Report
I have no problem finding any of these pastas, and I moved to Texas 5 years ago from Calif. our Wal Mart carries all of these, plus you can buy whole grain flours and make things yourself. Report

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