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Where is Danger Lurking in Your Kitchen?

Stop Trouble Before it Starts


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I am in agreement with CMRKSU12's post. Report
thanks Report
I like the idea of putting cheese on probation. Good article but come shopping with me here in the Great White North and check out the orices on fresh fruit and veg. We follow the flyers and try our best, but often revert to frozen in the winter. Report
Good article with great reminders. Report
Thank you for posting good tips! Report
Thank you Report
I just think that if you can practice moderation, AND, if you consider that this is a lifestyle change that you can live with for life, then you shouldn't have to throw out the "bad" foods at all! There really are no "bad" foods. Report
thank you Report
Good article, thanks. Report
It is a lifestyle change. Thank you. Report
Good article. Report
It is not necessary to throw "bad" foods out, but gradually transition to healthier alternatives. Figure out what your triggers are; they can be vastly different for different people. I do not agree with stocking up on granola bars. Have you read the labels? Most are glorified candy bars and will spike insulin levels. As far as throwing out pizza coupons, even pizza can be okay if it is loaded with veggies and ordered with half the cheese and no meat. It is more important to look at the total meal, not the individual components. Of course, if ALL or MOST of the individual components are unhealthy, the meal will be too. In short, use common sense and keep an open mind about learning to like healthier foods. Our tastes can change with conditioning. Report
Maybe I didn't read enough comments, but for me, foods are not the trigger, a lot of food is the goal when I'm in that "zone", a lot of anything is what I'll eat, and eat, and eat. I love chicken and oatmeal and greenbeans and onions and. . . . For example; I like only a certain kind of candy. I can have a box of that candy in my house and can leave it alone until it gets moldy, and I have to throw it out. However, hit me with a death in the family, and a lot of oatmeal with raisins can give me comfort. Or a ton of toasted cheese sandwiches made with Ezekial bread and low-fat cheese. Hmm. You pushed a button. Report
I absolutely not giving up white rice. There are some foods that are cultural to the core and white rice is one of those foods to me. I control my portion size and I don't have too much but I get tired of people bashing white rice.

Whatsmore, brown rice is just NASTY tasting. Report
I have to agree with some of the comments. I don't see any problem with eggs. We toss the yolks and make egg white omletes every Sunday. I don't see the issue with pudding either. If it's made with skim milk it seems better than ice cream. Report

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