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When Too Much Exercise Becomes a Problem

Compulsive Exercise and Exercise Bulimia


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Good read! Thanks! Report
thanks for the interesting article Report
An older Article yes, but one that people can and still do relate to. I am far from this place at this particular decade in my life. I think although, that an exercise addiction is something I suffered with in my 20s and is responsible for some of the damage I did to my body. I am now in my late 50s and have some injuries that I would not have had had I not let my body rest. Thank you for reposting this article I hope It has the ability to reach out and touch someone. Report
Just another article that assumes instead of studying the facts. NOT everyone who has a preference for exercise has a disorder. This article assumes just that. Report
11 year old article?! Report
Interesting article. Report
Good article; great tips!!! Report
Too much of any one thing is not good. Balance is key. Report
Not even close to being in the 'too much exercise' range. Report
Many people don't think about this health problem. Thank you for making people aware. Report
Didn't realize you could get too much exercise! Report
Thanks Report

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