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The Power of Gratitude

4 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude


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My husband and I have recently begun doing this. Find the joy, it’s a choice! Report
I am going to start adding what I am grateful for in my journal everyday. Thank you! I appreciate this article. Report
I so grateful for many things, and now I am grateful (pun intended) that there is science behind my feelings. Great article! Report
Thank you! I'm gonna make a greater effort to think of things I'm grateful for instead of things that don't go my way. For example, my co-worker brought me Star Bucks yesterday. Thankful that she thought of me! Report
Good information Report
I probably need to think more about this than I do. I think I/we take many things for granted. Report
I practice gratitude on a daily basis. Report
Great article with information we all can use! Report
Love this article Report
I love the snail mail letters to people idea. I've thought about doing it for a long time, have pretty cards and stationary in preparation, but haven't gotten around to making the effort. I commit to sending out one personal letter/card weekly to someone. I recently started a "lifestyle development" journal, and adding a couple things from my day I was grateful for would be a lovely enhancement! Report
There's so much in life to be grateful for. I like the idea of a grateful journal. Great article! Report
... very good article... seems I read about these same principles somewhere...oh, i remember now, the Bible!!!... Report
I really appreciate the comments. I especially liked the one reference writing thoughtful letters during Lent instead of giving up something. Report
When things are not going right take a minute to reflect on the things you do have, health, food, house. spouse, being born into a country which offers unlimited potential, the physical possessions you have not mentioned: clothes and shoes, family, transportation, friends. Remember all this was given to you by the heavenly father who wants us to be joyful. If you need something ask; it shall be given but it will be in his time not ours. Meanwhile be happy with what you have , Report
An Attitude of gratitude comes when you know there is someone greater than you. Report

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