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No More Exercise Excuses!

Busting 5 Common Workout Excuses


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I used to be intimidated about going to the gym, but I realized that half the people looked the way I want to look, and half the people look the way I do now! The 'no one pays attention to you anyway' mindset is dead on. I do this for me, and I compete with me, and if you're doing the same thing in the same place, the more the merrier. Report
While it *might* be safe to watch TV while on a treadmill, I do not believe this is true if you are lifting weights. In order to have proper form and to lift safely, even if it is a light weight, you need full concentration. The exception is if you are watching a workout video and following along. Report
One of the best articles I've read thus far. Sad to admit but I am an excuse maker this article makes me accountable! I am printing this and keeping it with me. Report

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