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7 Good Reasons to Smile

When You Smile, the World Smiles Back


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Thanks for sharing. It’s hard for me to laugh r smile because I have to stay in the house all the time unless I have to go to the B-Shop, Dr.,a Office, r go shopping. Oh I forgot I have a caregiver that comes every Friday. He mostly cleans my house. In December my Sister & Brother-In-Law send me a gift card that gets me a lot of clothes & make-up. Report
Thanks Report
Smiling while saying great article thank you Report
Years ago I was a Personnel Interviewer and there were days when I was down. I figured I'd better at least smile at candidates and very quickly my mood got better.
Smiling is good for our facial muscles, too! Report
good article Report
This is good Report
It also makes me feel better! Thanks for this one. Report
😁 cheese! 😁 Report
Thank you for helping me to be smile-happy! Report
I have a good sense of humor & it really does make life go better. Wry, sarcastic comments; witty comebacks; silly puns; snarky observations are just part of my day.
And I smile 😍 even more now that I'm retired. Report
Even babies tend to smile when smiled at. Report
thanks Report
😁 cheese Report
Love it! Report

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