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7 Good Reasons to Smile

When You Smile, the World Smiles Back


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Thanks for sharing. Report
I love to makes me feel so much better! Report
Even when I am upset or discouraged, I tend to smile. Report
Smiling is something I tried to do at the Jr. High I worked at. Sometimes the students would say that I smiled at them and changed the rest of their day! Turns out that even made me walk on air the rest of the day. Smiling can change lives! Report
This article should be read by ALL. It is so on the mark !!!! A smile can make all the difference in so much of life. :) Report
Laughter is good medicine. Report
Smiles make everyone feel happy Report
The kids in high school said to me “you should smile a lot”. I spoke to my mom about that and she said “I smiled at you kids all the time Because I knew you kids could get through life better with a smile on your face than a frown 😃 Report
Smile and the world smiles at you. Report
agree Report
☺️ Report
Smile are something that comes easy and you get it back too. Report
It's so nice to just smile at someone! Report
I love to give smiles to people in cars beside me. Report
I am happy when I am doing my volunteer work and smile a lot and it does spread across the room :) Report

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