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A Power Food for Health Nuts: The Tasty and Surprisingly Healthy Snack


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I love almost all nuts. Report
And they are delicious! Report
Portion Controlled Report
Always have nuts on hand here. Walnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews, almonds -- all good. Report
been trying to get 25g serving of nuts or seeds daily, it can feel hard to justify the calories sometimes, so I prefer as part of a meal. Report
I love nuts and they are a great snack....just have to measure them. Easy to over do it with nuts. Report
Need to branch out on the nuts I eat regularly. Report
There are so many varieties of nuts. Are there some varieties which are recommended and some to be avoided? Report
This was interesting as well as helpful. I love a lot of different types of nuts. Was surprised at seeing they have magnesium in them. This is something I am very low in and need to get some foods containing it into my eating plan. Report
I love nuts - but they are too many points on WW :-( Report

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