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5 Fun Ways to Dive In to Aquatic Exercise

Water Workouts that Really Work


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It sounds like a great exercise routine but I hate swimming pools. So I will just keep doing what I can when I can. But thanks for the article Report
Love the water. Here in our retirement resort also enjoy the pools Report
Great info in this article. Report
Good article, thanks! Report
Great information Report
Water exercise is the best! My range of motion has increase by leaps and bounds. It has made a big difference in my quality of life Report
The pool IS easier on the joints and makes walking or running a challenge in balance as well. It's the getting out part that I don't like! ;) Report
It's the only exercise that my body feels good Report
I love swimming. I get to borrow the neighbor's pool any time I'd like to! WooHoo!!! Report
love swimming Report
My 3-yr old grandson looked at my wrinkled hand and said, Grandma! You stayed in the bathtub too long! You need to plump up. Good article. 8-) Report
Wish I had access to a swimming pool Report
Swimming is a GREAT exercise because it is safe and easy on the joints. I do NOT fear falling in the water, because it softens my fall. LOVE THIS ARTICLE Thanks SPARK!!!! Report
Swimming is great exercise. Report
I Love swimming Report

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