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Exercising Safely with Type 1 Diabetes

Considerations, Concerns and Checklists


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Great article. Knowledge is power. Report
Good to know. Great article! Report
Good info Report
Good info Report
Good info Report
Great article. Thanks for sharing the information. Report
good to know Report
Very pertinent information Report
Great article Report
Good information Report
In terms of fitness exercise helps you stay strong physically and mentally.
- Grete Waitz Report
I wouldn't mind seeing the article but for type 2 diabetics, Report
very good article to keep! Report
Nice to read an article here about Type 1 diabetes & exercise! Pleased to see that the risk of hyperglycemia was mentioned. Often even doctors neglect to inform Type 1 diabetics of this phenomena. Been diabetic for most my life.... 47 of my 51 years! Get so tired of people thinking losing weight or exercising will "cure me"! Thanks. Good article. Report
I know peoples with type 2 but not with type 1
But its good to spread the word. Report

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