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15 Easy Ways to Go Green on the Cheap

Save Money and the Planet at the Same Time


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I love almost everything in this article. I am really trying to "go green" as much as I can. Unfortunately I live in a really small rural community that has very limited recycling. Driving 60 miles to recycle would kinda defeat the purpose. I do things like bring my own shopping bags to the stores, re-use products when I can, I do not buy NEW books, I either go to the library or buy at used book stores, I rarely buy new workout DVD's - I look for used ones at garage sales, or used product stores.

But what I was wondering about ... feminine hygiene products? Now, that's a bit over the top. That's actually what got me to post a reply to this article. Report
You're every bit as much of an expert on green living as you are on fitness, Nicole! Once we get in a regular habit of implementing these, I've found it's impossible to go back (at least with a clean conscience!). We've got small, 10- and 11-year-old cars, and with regular maintenance, they've done fine. Mine has very few miles on it! Report
I reuse my plastic bags as trash bags and to carry my lunch. I also recycle the plastic bags at my local farmers market. Report

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