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9 Ways to Get More Out of Your Day

Time to Ignore the Hourglass


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I like exercising in the morning before work and last week and beginning this week I have made it a priority to go no matter how much time I have. I also like to do my morning spark huddle. I think now if I allot enough time for what I want to do in the morning I must go to bed a little earlier, so I am giving myself a bed time. My mother will love this. All the time we spent fighting her about bed time at the age of 44 I finally see her point. Report
Very useful suggestions. Thanks! Report
Excellent article and suggestions. Thanks, everyone! Report
Well said and great advice. I have been working on a couple os these ideas and will add some more to my life!

Letting go of work when home has been a goal of mine this past year! Report
I love to quilt and try to make time everyday to work on a project. This gives me time to relax and get some Christmas gift made so I am not running around at the last minute. It also saves money...which certainly helps me relax!! Report
"Do the yucky stuff first."

I have always done this, in every aspect of my life. I eat my least favorite foods out of a meal first. I do the most boring of my home work first. I do my bathroom first while doing my house work. Its a great idea and it ensures that I'll actually get the tasks at hand done! Report
If you are the primary home-keeper in your little world (I hate the word housekeeper!) join Flylady's group. It's a great time-saver and is wonderful for your self-esteem as well. You'll be amazaed at how much free time you can squeeze out of your day when your life and daily routines are simpler. A couple of nice Spark Teams align with Flying tool FLY: Finally Loving Yourself. :) Report
My "What I did for myself today"? I read the Bible instead of watching TV. Report
TIME, the four letter word we all need more of. This year I have started making time for me. Each morning I get up and exercise for 30 minutes. Then spend a little time on Sparkpeople while having my cup of coffee. I can't tell you how just starting with that time for me has helped my attitude. I just hope I can keep it up!!! Report
Author says: 'Learn to say “No.” This isn’t always easy, ' For me saying 'no' is so NOT easy. When I tell my husband 'no' he cannot process the information. He asks if I want to go shopping with him, I say no and half an hour later he complains because I'm not ready to go. Report
Karatechick has a good point. I lived in a small town in Europe in the early 1980ʻs. Everything closed at 5 pm, everything (except a few restaurants) was closed on Sunday. It was glorious. However, I think the worst time stealer of all is technology. I have decided to disconnect the electronic leash (Blackberry) outside of work hours in 2011. Everything has taken on a false sense of urgency because communication is so instantaneous these days. My priorities have changed a lot. First on my list is my health, so that means exercise and eating right before anything else happens. Second on my list is my family so that means time spent with them gets booked first. Work and the rest of it gets wrapped around those priorities. It is my time--it is my life. I am tired of giving it away to employers and others who do not deserve it. Report
One day I had a list of things to do for several other adult people or group when I got off work. I was so stress that I went down to the trail and walked for two and a half hours, listening to some jazz. It felt so good to not do anything for anyone but myself. I have never let myself get into that position again. Me first! Report
As a variation of "do the yucky stuff first", how about savor the good stuff: feel and experience each instant. Be sure to treat it differently from all of the "have to dos" that we tackle. Report
Time is the only truly limited commodity... we can never retrieve or reuse a single second of our lives, that is why how we live is SO INCREDIBLY important. Some of the points here are simple YES, however I had to ask myself... If I know it - am I doing it? Report
You say to "set aside a certain amount of time each day just to do what you want to do. How about 1 hour each day?"

I disagree. I have been working on reversing my lifelong selfless martyrdom for a while and so far I’ve come to the following:
* Set aside the ENTIRE day to do what I want to do, say, or create.
* Put aside an hour a day to do the other stuff like paying bills, etc.
* Be grateful that I can do so.

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