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5 Ways to Prevent Food from Going to Waste

Don't Kick Food Waste to the Curb--Prevent It


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I am not a fan of leftovers because I have sensitive stomach...if I don't eat it after a day of it being in the fridge then the mister eats it. Report
We always freeze leftovers if they not going to be eaten the next day and compost all fruit and veg scraps. I just hate food waste - there really is no need. Report
Composting makes a big difference! Report
Great article! we compost for our garden. I wish we would have started when All the kids were still at home. Though the kids now compost for their gardens. This does help the vegetables grow and loosen the dirt. You also need to rotate the spaces you place you items every year. Report
Very helpful information! Report
I started making a list of what fruit & vegetables I have on hand to put on the fridge, I cross out what is used up & circle the foods I need to use the next day, so less waste, I live in a apartment and all fruit & vegetable scraps are put in a compost bin. I do not mark foods as I would be constantly doing this, but with my list I know what to look for in the fridge to use up. If I plan on making something using vegetables I can look & see what I need to buy to add to it. I do not tend to look in the back of the fridge, so this allows me to know what to look for to eat up. I do not write the amounts of the items, I check when I want to use the food 1 day ahead to check the amount I have left. Report
I have the same problem with spinach, I think I will freeze some also. I am single and have a cheap fruit & vegetable market 2 blocks away. I shop there 2 times a week, but some vegetables I have to get in my main supermarket I shop 1 time per. week. Another idea I can use is freezing vegetables for soup while they are still good. I try to plan my menu based on what is on sale and what is on hand to use up, especially in the fridge. I have to work on the food in the back of my fridge getting used up in time, especially vegetables. Some is in containers and labeling will not help because I need to know every vegetable in the fridge & can not look at all containers constantly.I think what will help if I make a weekly list of what vegetables I have in the fridge to use up & look at it daily so I use it up & not overbuy. The fruit is O.K because I can see it easily and buy it when I get low on it.. Report
We have a small deep freezer and it is always filled since I will freeze so many things. I will even freeze fresh spinach if I won't be able to eat all of it before it goes bad. Then just use it for a smoothie or added it to one of my soups or other "creations" Report
The amount of food waste is alarming when so many are hungry in our world. Report
Plan you meals around what is in season and what's on sale, instead of planning your shopping based on what you plan to cook.

Do batch cooking based on what's on sale, so you don't have to pay full price for your groceries. Report
I like to use a cooking stock that does not have added sodium, but I can only find it in the 1 quart box. I have some large cube silicone ice trays, and I now freeze the left-over stock. Each cube is about 1/2 cup, and they are easy to remove from the silicone and store in a zip-bag. I make a pot of brown rice, portion it out into 1/2 cup servings, wrap it in plastic wrap, and then freeze. I have a slightly over ripe banana in my freezer now, great way not to waste and it makes a creamy smoothie. Report
These are good suggestions, but it would also help if you could buy more types of foods in small quantities. For example, smaller loaves of bread, fewer hamburger buns. Generally, when you can find smaller packages or food in bulk, it costs more to buy less than if you bought enough for a family of 4, so those of us preparing meals for one or two people are hit with a double whammy. Report
my last resort is not compost it is feed it to the chickens or pigs! Report
A note on the wasting of the food scraps:
I have worms. You can get some worms and they will eat all the scraps from the table. (just no meat, dairy, very sour stuff) they will make you the BEST compost and the BEST plant food you will ever have. I does not stink and is very very east to do, I even forget about mine. Report
One great thing I discovered to do with broccoli stalks is peel the outer woody layer off with a paring knife and shred what is left and make broccoli slaw. Yum! Report

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