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7 Steps to Tune Up Your Bike for Spring

Basic Bicycle Maintenance and Safety Checks


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Good information. I no longer ride a bike but instead I walk. Report
I haven't ridden a bike since I was a teen, ( now 55). Bought one preowned over the winter. Now I known to take it to the local bike shop to have it tuned before I try to ride it. Report
I just need some pointers on teaching my granddaughter how to ride her bicycle!! Report
Excellent read. Good need-to-know information! Report
Just because it doesn't have an engine doesn't mean it doesn't need maintenance. Report
Biking is such a great exercise...thanks Report
We are fortunate to have a cycle shop where we live and we take them in each spring for a tune up. Report
Will do Report
You just took me back to being 12 years old which is when I got my first bike. I had learnt to cycle many years before that but had never had my own bike. My parents got me the bike for Christmas Day. Boxing Day my father taught me how to maintain it. Report
Thanks for the reminders! Report
Great article! Report
This is a great list to follow for Spring tuning your bike before venturing out the first time. Report
I like carrying a repair kit as well. At the least,s tire repair kit and pump. It's saved me, and a few other cyclists I came across with blown tires. Report
@Healthy_4_Him ... Wearing a helmet is mentioned in the closing paragraph. Good info, about to get my bike out for spring. Thanks for the article and timely reminder. :) Report

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