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Turn Spring Cleaning into Spring Training

7 Ways to Put the Lean in Clean


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Basement stairs are the greatest! Report
Time to scrub the floors, I will use your suggestions in cleaning Report
Yes! Great reminder! Report
I broom scrubbed the deck - great workout! Report
I sure liked this, but I must say that I found the British health promotions for exaggerated movement doing normal things to be perfectly spoofed by Monty Python's Flying Circus; with their skit with the office of Silly Walks.
I can't get that image out of my head. hahaha Report
Cleaning and disinfecting is more important than ever now Report
Good suggestions Report
Queen's Greatest Hits cranked up - gets the whole house clean in two hours! Report
I workout to music Report
I like to clean to music Report
When I clean I try to make it into a good workout! Report
interesting ideas to try Report
Now if I only liked to clean. Give me outside work anyday tho. Report
This is good to know. I will put more effort into my cleaning. Report
I'm okay w/ all but #'s 5 + 6. Have to take care of the knees. Thanks Report

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