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Are You Cheating Yourself by Choosing the Treadmill?

What's Better: the Treadmill or the Open Road?


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I found a way to work both into exercise. An outdoor run is my "goto" cardio exercise. I mix road and trail running. If my specific target is weight loss, I will substitute a treadmill run during the week especially in winter. I tend to "sweat" more on a treadmill with a fairly high intense 60 minutes. Report
I much prefer being outside but when weather does not permit, it's inside. Report
I thought we'd get a definite answer about which is best but it is a good article about the pros and cons. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
For very hot States a treadmill is Blessing. Thank you for sharing this article! Report
great. Report
This article just feels biased towards the outdoors. I know sunshine is great. I live in California and get plenty of vitamin d on a daily basis from it without having to walk outside in the sweltering heat. I just prefer indoors. I like hikes and such, nature is lovely, but I don't like walking outside. Never have. This article doesn't have to be tailored to what I like..but it was obviously biased towards outdoors. Report
I hate treadmills and running indoors but I'm no longer able to run outdoors due to uneven surfaces and problems with balance. The treadmill is one of the few things that gets my heart up even goiong at a slow rate by using the highest incline - 15 or 20 on most machines. I wish I could listen to music to make it less boring but I'm deaf and I hate TVs in all public areas not just the workout areas. I think having them "on the treadmill screen" was a great idea. TV for the most part offers nothing. The news is all bad and no one needs to be depressed all the time. As for the programming if you are over 40 you can forget it unless your station gives you 50-60 year old re-runs. Just my thoughts on a Saturday. Report
treadmills are so crazy boring! I interval walk Report
I prefer road running to treadmill running. In this weather (Southern US) I have to opt for the treadmill more. I like the alone time of running. Fortunately my parents have one in their basement so I can use it and still be alone. I'm an outdoor person, though. Report
I would love to be able to afford to buy a treadmill - then on those days when the weather is bad, I could still get my walks in. Hubby and I try to get out for a walk at least once a day, but aim for twice a day. However, when the weather isn't so great or air quality is poor we can't go out for a walk and those are the times that having a treadmill would be really helpful Report
I prefer to be outside when the weather is nice, but it is nice to be able to continue to work out on a treadmill during these hot Florida summers. Report
I prefer flat and reliable surfaces as I've gotten older. Can't risk falling at my age. Report
The treadmill does get boring. Music helps. Outdoors offers variety but I prefer cooler weather. Summer in southern Virginia is tough for outdoor exercise. Report
I love my treadmill!!! Report

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