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How to Use SparkPeople When You Have Type 1 Diabetes

Free Weight Loss Tools for People with Diabetes


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Absolutely great Report
Good information, thanks. Report
Hi! I've been a Type I diabetic for over 45 years....there isn't a lot I haven't experienced, lived through, cried over, screamed through or dealt with regarding this disease. I'm here to lend my support to others and to learn more all the time. I'm also a registered nurse, so I see diabetes from the provider side as well as the patient side. Glad to meet everybody! Report
Great article...............Thank You. Report
I found reading Richard Bernstein M.D.'s "The Diabetes Solution" to be very helpful in learning about Insulin Resistance. Dr. Bernstein has had Type 1 diabetes since he has been twelve years old and he is a healthy 78. He uses a low carb diet, so this diet with 50% carbs wouldn't "fly" with him. Report
This article says free meal plans but I still dont see a meal plan, my nutrition tracker says they are unavailable for people with diabetes. anyone know where to find them, or are they still unavailable?
Great article, and very welcome.

I am a 40 year veteran of Type 1 and am very happy with this post. I look forward to these new additions, and to the expansion of the Diabetes Beta features.

Please consider me as a "Beta-tester"!

John Report

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