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Tips, Tricks and Treats to Teach Kids to Cook

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? No Such Thing!


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Great ideas! Report
Great article thanks for sharing Report
Great article, thanks! Report
nice article Report
Little cooking schools for kids could be a great idea for them. Think future. Report
My 2 sons didn't take to this very well. Report
What fun with the grandchildren. We will surely try some of these Report
Thanks for these tips! I've been thinking that my 2.5 year old son was too young to help in the kitchen -- but will give some of these a try! Report
It can be fun to get organized in the kitchen and have helpers! Report
Thank you! Report
I like these ideas for grandkids visits! Report
Great tips tricks & treats---Thanks! Report
As a Momma, I taught our three sons to cook. If you can read, do basic math, then the possibilities are virtually endless. As a Nana, I have adored welcoming my grands into my kitchen. One loves to bake, the other loves to cook, the littlest one now loves to assist. Such fun we have as we work together. I have created a cupboard that houses all the essentials: measuring spoons, cups, tools, gadgets, some basic ingredients. This alone has helped the girls achieve an impressive level of independence. Often I am relegated to the role of sous chef...or clean up duty. Together we have learned what terms mean, made healthier tweaks to recipes, and used recipes that women in our family have made for almost 75 years. Priceless, worth every sticky mess for the giggles and fun we have. Bake someone happy, empower your children in the kitchen...truly some of my happiest memories as a grandparent! Report
Hate to say it so soon after Mother's Day. BUT...

Until I was a teenage, my Blessed Mom wouldn't let me in the kitchen except to eat, shuck corn, shell beans, wash dishes, put away groceries or clean up. (It WAS a SMALL kitchen).
Reasons I was in the way, I bothered her, I distracted her, it was faster for her to just do it by herself.
By the time she graciously said it was time to teach me how to cook, I was no longer interested.

!!!! RED FACE !!!! I am 60 yo and only cook 7 things, mostly with mixes and kits.
Luckily, my Sweetie Jack was a 30 yo bachelor when we met and was already a GOOD COOK! And he likes to cook. (And do dishes - I REALLY LUCKED OUT ! He does hate laundry, which I don't mind at all. We're an ideal match)
So, when Matthew was little, you better believe I had him in the kitchen "helping" and learning. Then in high school, Matthew took Home Ec. By the time he graduated, he way surpassed me in cooking! Report
Uh, what about Dads brining their children into the kitchen as well. Its statements like this that perpetuate women as doing the major lifting still with most tasks. Get it together Spark People a little. There are Dads & partners out there~ Report

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