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5 Signs It's Time to Get Serious about Weight Loss

The Time to Commit to Losing Weight is Now


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Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks, I really to read this. Report
Articles like this really help me to stay motivated. I so sincerely want this. I want to succeed in getting fit and healthy and losing the extra body fat. Report
I have to lose weight because my heart would stop beating and I didn't know. Now I have a pacemaker for four years now. I workout out three days a week. Report
Interesting article Report
good points Report
Love this article! Thanks! Report
What if you just don't care anymore? Report
Like many here, I feel like this was written for me. Thank you! Report
I used to be like this, but back in December I realized I needed to start right then and there. And that was it. I've gone over my daily calories twice, but haven't given up. I haven't had any soda since December 27th and I'm drinking all my water. I'm working out regularly and I REALLY don't want to. When my motivation is lacking (every day), I go to pinterest and look at motivational pins. It does the trick for me. Report
I definitely needed to read this today. Thank you!! Report
Premature death is a sign I should get started? hmmmm... Report
I REALLY needed this! Thanks for writing such an awesome article, Jenn! Report
Amazing article! This really gave me the inspriation I needed when I was almost ready to give up. Thought for the day? I AM worth the effort to keep going! Report
She just called me out and doesn't even know it. lol... So glad to know these thoughts and actions have been experienced by others.
Great coping tips! I know I feel grateful that I'm not in this alone. Report

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