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Empty Nesters Find Purpose and Motivation

The Action Step Guide Once the Children Leave


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Great ideas. One place wanted to volunteer at wanted me to just the picture in the city manager’s office I wanted to work out front where I can help people not to your cleaning isn’t that custodial work? Report
Thank you for these tips Report
Thank you. Retirement finally affords the time to do things. Report
thank you Report
Great article. We ended up adopting a dog who has brought joy and purpose in our lives. It was a great decision for us. He gets us moving and gives us something to laugh about. Report
good advise Report
Retired and spent the first two years doing just a couple of things I wanted to do and also got back into knitting. After two years I joined a small choir that presents a program of music at several long term care homes each month and I love it! I'm not the director - or was until we got shut down by the pandemic - but I look forward to being able to return to that some time in the future. I fill my time with the things I enjoy and want to do and have never missed not working every day! Report
Couldn't wait until I retired, counted the days and minutes. But guess what...I ended up volunteering back at the same place but with much less responsibility and accountability I am actually enjoying it. I can come and go as I please and everyone just loves it when I can come and help them. Go figure! Report
I think settling into retirement when you are glad to shed that stressful high energy job. I walked away and never looked back, in 3 years I have never even visited and have no desire to see those people again. Finding things to do is not hard, I am way more busy then when I was working 12 hour shifts and running the farm. I think it is because I am trying to reclaim places here that were given up because of lack of time. I spent the last week concentrating on a fireplace and patio area that was once a favorite spot but was buried under falling apart piles of wood and crowded with small cherry trees, now it looks like it used to and makes me smile every time I look at it, I think there are enough projects out there to keep me busy and fulfilled until I am at least 100. Report
Volunteer! Report
Thank you for all these comments. They are such encouraging words. I’m turning 65 next month and am looking at the world in a whole new way. I just want to be me and not care what anyone thinks. I believe this will help my longevity. Freedom to be who I am. Report
62 I will retire at 63 money or no money it is time.I have taken care of everyone since 19 would like an outdoor summer job Report
Great article, gives some insight into what I am experiencing. Report
Thanks. Report
I am retired and loving it! I worked for the Board of Education for 40 years. I feel that I have paid my dues. Report

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