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Spring Into Shape Bootcamp Workout Plan

Get Fit, Have Fun and Reshape Your Body for Summer


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I don't have a ball or resistance bands, but I do have dumbbells! I haven't seen anything about alternative workouts, so I'm going to see what muscle group is being worked on each of those days and find my own alternatives... or just re-do the cardio kickboxing video for that day, since I enjoy it so much, hahaha. Report
I was able to pull up all of this week's videos except day one - it just keeps trying to load but never does. I do not have that problem with any other of the videos - they load instantly. I will just have to do another video day one. I am excited and ready to go! Report
I am ready to start but when I clicked on the link only and advertisement came up, I don't know what to do. Report
I am excited to start another bootcamp. They help to keep me motivated and doing something everyday. I have finally worked my way up to running a 5K on the treadmill. Haven't gone that far outside, YET, but I will. For me walking 20 miles is no biggie but running a 5K is HUGE! Report
I've been waiting so long...woohoo! Report
Echoing what Berry4 said! I was looking for a New Year's Boost and this sounds great! Report
Will there be a "new" bootcamp starting up this January...2011??
I'm ready to join in if available! Report
Woo woo !!! You can do it - we all can do it !!! Report
I am still doing the boot camps and exercising a lot. I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge as much as I am. Good luck and have a great week. Report
Get going Sparkers. Report
I am excited to be joining this new bootcamp. I have been reading about it and thinking about it - so all geared up to partake in the challenge. Go Team! Report
Can't wait to start! Hopefully I have some boot camp buddies to help keep me motivated! Good luck to everyone! Report
Even though I will be in another state for a good part of the month, I think I will try it! Maybe it will help to get me in the groove of strength training regularly again. Report
I am doing the bootcamp challenge but doing each one a day early because of time. I have just finished the Jan. 3 challenge. I did not go as fast and have problems with flexiblity, but I did finish. Report
Im ready to start this challenge- I have done this boot camp before and it is really not that bad. If you feel like it is too much then just do what you can. It all about moving. For the dial up.They do sell the videos and it is a pretty good price. I actually won a video cd from a log in spin last spring. I feel it is worth it. Good luck to all of you. Report

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