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4 Steps to Improving Your Posture

Stand Taller, Look 10 Pounds Thinner


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Thanks for sharing. Report
Actually I consider it a hidden exercise, doing it when no one knows Report
I needed this! Report
Thank you Report
great Report
Great tips Report
thank you Report
A great article. Thank you. Report
Great ideas. Walk tall, walk proud! Report
As I get older I try to concentrate on posture so that I don't lean forward. Report
Excellent article. Lots of great info and exercises for all kinds of good posture exercises to improve one's posture. Report
Ugh... I have the worst posture. I'm trying to correct it, but its difficult as I have back issues from a car accident. I have to remind myself to stand, and sit up straight. But I forget. Sometimes I think I'm standing up straight, but I'm not. When I stand up fully straight it feels awkward cause my chest is sticking out too far. Report
I get compliments on my sitting posture alot but I find myself sagging from time to time just being plain lazy. I never noticed it but when I'm dressed up I sit up extremely straight my mother was a stickler for this sort of thing and it stays with you once you see people acknowledge some of her hard work. Sit up and take notice. :) Report
Good posture is SO important. Thanks! Report

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