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The 4 Most Fattening Fall Foods

Watch Out for These Sneaky Calories!


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I enjoy the fall favorites....I split each piece of pie into four servings for me...satisfies my taste-buds. Report
I agree with these suggestions. Making alternatives is fine with us. My only area that is not a major issue are the mini or snack candy bars - we've committed to going more sugar free as a family so we do the alternative -- and that has helped. Report
Sarah Haan is so beautiful....definitely , I will keep them in mind, not to eat them.. Report
The cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory has as many calories that I usually have per day. But I did have some cheesecake, ate a third of a piece and was satisfied. You don't have to eat the whole thing to enjoy foods you like. Split things. Indulge at special times.
If you plan, you can have your cake and eat it too.
. Report
I'm not so sure I wanted to know that about carmel apples. Report
Cheesecake factory, Bob Evans, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks? It doesn't have to be the holiday season to realize these places have high calorie foods ANY time of year. Not a very enlightening list or article... Report
Thanks for this. I am at work and was thinking of going next door to McD's for their pumpkin latte, now I'm drinking my water and snacking on the fruit I brought :) Report
I have a couple of complaints about this article. I think it is a little unnecessary to have really tempting pictures of food we are in theory supposed to be avoiding or at least limiting. In addition, name one candy bar without chocolate, nuts, caramel OR coconut. Not a very helpful suggestion. I have my pumpkin and fall treats and just keep it within the correct calorie range by either getting small sizes, skim milk, or compensating by having lower calorie meals later. Report
Oh for Pete's sakes, eat what you want on that holiday alone, not before or after, but enjoy on the day, and have what you like instead of picky snarky on this and that or the other............lifetime, people. Report
I suppose its a blessing that even though I don't hate pumpkin pie I have a LOW tolerance of it so generally 1 or 2 pieces are sufficient for the year. Report
agree with many here: I usually just get regular coffee at Starbucks, but at those times when you just have to have a seasonal latte, I always ask for a "Skinny" version, with low fat milk and no whipped creme, and I'll have it on a day when I am eating fewer calories at other meals. A worthwhile trade off for an occasional treat. Report
In lieu of a Dairy Queen pumpkin blizzard....I make a vanilla Slim Fast and add 1/4 cup of can pumpkin....does the job, Cuts MANY calories and TASTE GREAT!
SZQ Report
When I make pumpkin pie, I use truvia and skim milk instead of the sugar and evaporated milk and then bake it is a casserole dish without the crust. Delicious!
Would have liked to have seen TIM HORTONS listed, as they are also in the states.
Usually with the fall theme drinks I like to drink them once in the season maybe twice. I'm a bigger fan of the Christmas drinks and those disappear after a month. Usually I make those a treat if I haven't been eating candy or anything for a week that's what I treat myself with. Report

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