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Stop Emotional Eating Before It Starts

15 Ways to Turn Off Your Emotions without Turning to Food


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A lot of great ideas! I am going to definitely try the mix tape for when I am stressed. Report
Great suggestions. Thank you Report
I am for sure an emotional eater. Food is my go to "drug". I will do some of these tips. I am sure exercise will help me. I just need to make the swap from food to a walk! Report
I usually chew some sugar free gum to ease my craving. If that doesn't work, I have a tiny bit of what I am craving and keep it moving. Report
I would love to see this kind of tracking ability in the app. That's one I would pay for. Report
I will feel an emotional void in my gut before I indulge in emotional eating: sadness, anger, confusion, depression, etc. Report
Pintsnpurls... I hear ya... I crochet! Report
I’m definitely an emotional eater... and I have a lot of time on my hands to do it! I’m going to try to get more exercise when I feel the urge to eat junk. I think I’ll try the sugarless gum too! 😉 Report
not always, but sometimes chewing Sugar free gum helps me. The main problem with that idea is that I very seldom have gum around!
I've also learned that food is almost tasteless and unsatisfying when emotional eating -- so I try to remind myself that it will not be a way of helping me through whatever it is. Report
I don't think the author is a knitter, or else they'd know how expensive yarn and needles can be! But seriously, thank you for the article. Report
I needed to read this today! Report
What is a weed? A plant whose virtues
have never been discovered.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson Report
I am definitely an emotional eater! It's very hard to break the habit of turning to food when stressed out Report
I don't consider myself an emotional eater, but sometimes I just want something in my mouth, I want taste so badly... I think I get bored in my mouth.. and I guess boredom is an emotion. So. Yeah. Me too. Report
Good article and so much information! Report

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