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9 Simple Tricks to Eat Less

Cut Calories, Not Satisfaction


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Great tips! Report
# 10 eat while standing, you'll noticeably feel full and eat less Report
Plan every bite. Then enjoy! Report
Avoid simple carbohydrates. Search on "carbohydrates hunger hormones" to read how sugars etc. affect our hunger. Report
Good tips. Report
Good ideas. Report
Before I ate on urges, now I plan to eat. Report
Great info..I need to keep hearing for reinforcement! Report
The only thing you really own in life is your attitude. Report
Great tips on tricks to eating less. I've often read the suggestion to ask for a doggie bag when the food comes. We bring our own plastic container--freezer and microwave safe. No more "disposable" containers in the landfills on our conscious and no more leaked food in our purses. Report
Don't criticize your server for not bringing a leftover container up front. Their job is hard enough. Many good restaurants (? not sure who determines THAT) won't even leave something off your plate because "it ruins the plating" and they are concerned about the look.

When your meal comes, cut it in half - not so hard to do - if you have a bread plate use it to put what you are going to eat on...and then leave the rest to bag. If that doesn't appeal to you bring a paperplate to the restaurant with you - then you don't have to worry about bringing it home.

Sometimes the answers are simple ... sometimes not so much. Report
Excellent ideas! Thanks for giving me some ways to combat and avoid temptation. I already knew about a few, but others were new ideas. Report
Long ago I thought asking for my doggie bag when I get my meal. As yet, the servers never bring it with my meal and I request it again when they bring the meal, then, if I'm lucky they bring it. We should bring our own I think. Report
Having a large selection of containers and plastic bags helps, along with a digital scale, especially if you're the only human in the house. (People who live with other people don't have the same problems since food can be eaten up by the others right after preparation, although if they need to eat differently then my approach can help.)

The cups from Mott's natural applesauce are perfect for reuse. They have straight sides so they are easy to clean. I can spoon ice cream loosely into them and get the portion size I really do best with, about half the indicated serving size. Just put the container on the scale, tare, and stop adding when I reach the grams I actually want to eat. They're great for other things as well, such as various types of chips or nuts or seeds or dried fruit or cereal. I also have some ceramic bowls with about the same capacity, but can't beat the price on the recycled applesauce containers... Having small containers makes it easier to learn how to eyeball your servings of such things also when you don't feel like weighing.

Sometimes I'll actually preportion ice cream into 2oz freezer containers sold for baby food. But I don't need to do that with nondairy ice cream (thank you Ben & Jerry for now making it!) because without the allergenic dairy trigger, I am not stimulated to go overboard on it. So what you need to preportion also depends on your particular eating habits.

I use cheapie sandwich bags to portion out cookies, parts of bars or donuts or pies etc. , candy, popcorn-type snacks etc. before I eat any. Most of it goes into the freezer, those that don't are kept fresher that way, reducing the feeling of "gotta eat it before it goes stale". For example, 1/2 or 1/3 of a serving might make more sense for me so I just fill the bags accordingly and twist and knot the bag to seal. Then when I do want something, I just grab the small bag. Huge cookies or similar things in individual packages get broken into pieces in the package and put in the freezer before opening and might be repackaged when I go to eat the first piece. Sometimes I mark the weights on each little bag to make tracking easier.

When I use commercial frozen foods, I don't always eat the whole thing. A lot of times half a serving makes more sense. The rest gets put in a freezer/microwaveable container for another day. Some things like frozen potatoes or fancy veg blends are much easier to store and handle if I bag them into portions first. Pizzas get sliced and bagged and frozen before I eat the first slice since my innards do better with no more than a reasonable slice at a time. When I actually (gasp!) cook something, I divide the result into portions the same way.

The idea is to adjust your own portions to what you actually need rather than what the food vendor thinks you need in a serving. It's easier to do this with repackaging before storing. The portions indicated might be fine for someone larger or more active, but are often ridiculous for someone my size. I need to keep room in my diet for more of a variety of foods than that. Freezing whenever possible really helps because then you don't have any pressure to eat the rest and can just eat it when you really want it.

@RWOMMACK Lol, you made my day with that time zone thing :) This verified forskolin you have mentioned really helped me. i lost like 35 pounds in three month and 100000 pounds to go, lol.
Speaking about garcinia, don’t even spend your money on that. I tried it 2 years go with literally 0 results

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