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Moving Forward with the Run/Walk Training Method

Adding Walk Breaks Isn't a Step Backwards


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The W/R method is awesome! Report
I try to do this on the Treadmill-- Report
I did use the run walk method for a 10k with a lot of steep hills. It was still hard but I was able to deal with those hills with more ease. Definately recommend it! Report
I can't wait to start again. Report
Thanks Report
Good to know... Report
Great Report
Thanks enjoyed article. Report
Highly recommended Report
OK, Nancy, you are giving me confidence that I could do a half-marathon. I'm going to get Jeff's book and get started on the program. The HM I'm looking at is in November. Hope I'm not to late to get started! Report
as an asthmatic this was the ONLY way I could work up to doing a run (especially before I was diagnosed). Report
I am doing the 5k walk / run program . I'm trying to build up endurance so I can so a full jog for 30 min without walking . So far so good . I'm on my third week. Report
I just started running again and this is how I was doing it and now that I read the article it makes me feel better. I don't have a lot of distance yet but I'm sure I can achieve distance with time. Report

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