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Important Safety Tips for Outdoor Runners and Walkers

Put Your Safety First with These 6 Strategies


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Great info, some I knew and the rest was new info. Thank you! Report
good information Report
excellent tips, thanks for sharing. Report
excellent tips, thanks for sharing. Report
Excellent advice! Report
I walk and usually am not in the dark. However, there has been a few times that have not been home since left before sun up and feeling just enough time to get in 2-3 miles before going to house. Needless to say was caught on trails around woods in the dark that came fast. I do keep a cell phone so had the flashlight on that to hold in front of me. Should get a reflective piece to keep in car but so far I don't push my luck doing that anymore. Need to work on the defense issue. Sister kept after me enough to get mace,but keep forgetting it when get out of car. Report
I'm not a runner, but I love to walk and this was great info for us too. Report
I walk in a city where there are gangs. That's an important safety issue. Report
Great info, Thanks! Report
Another point, if you see a car in a drive way with back up lights on, watch carefully. They might not see you and back up into you. Report
Great inf Report
Thanks! Good info! Report
Yep good stuff to know. Put it into practice and be safe. I have had a few close calls on my bike. I never ride on the road anymore. Thank God I have great rail trails to ride. Always tell someone when and where I am at and always have cell phone with ICE info. I just started carrying pepper spray. I ride pretty fast but not faster than a bear or dog. I also added lights to the bike and my helmet. You can see me a mile away. Report
Excellent advice! Report

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