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8 Lessons from My First 5K Race

The Most Fun You'll Have Running


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I've only done a few 5k's. They are very fun and I have met a lot of nice people. Report
You are such an inspiration to so many others, Coach Nicole. Keep up the good work! Report
great. Report
Great article Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
Great ideas! Report
Great Report
I've never done a 5k. I've always wanted to. I don't think we've ever had one around our area Report
thanks. Report
I did my first (& only so far) 5k about 6.5 years (& ?~50-70 lbs lighter). Was in Dec, there were some slippery/icy points, but I had been training for it, but not so much outside (don't love cold). My time was slow, but I didn't walk, though I did slow to a crawl, bunches of times because of the ice-I just did NOT want to fall! Today I saw that in mid Aug there's a 5k that is right in my hood, plus they have a training for it every Monday night, starting in a few days. Feeling like I will do several more afterwards this fall. But right now have to take a break walking 30 min., so we shall see. I'm 54 now. Report
I've always wanted to be in a 5k, not for the racing, but to say I've done it. I just can never afford the entry fee....feeding my family is way more important. Report
Why I've never done a 5k - I will end up coming in last. Report
Thank you Coach Nicole for this motivation. I am running/walking my first 5K next month. I haven't been training but walk everyday. This will ready help me accomplish crossing the finish line along with my IPod (LOL) Report
I enjoyed this article for several reasons: 1) It's good to know that even certified sports professionals still have goals that are close to the same level as mine (and I'm nowhere near the fitness level as Coach Nicole!); 2) I've done several 5K's - some more walking than jogging and this article confirmed some of my strategies to get through them; 3) Now I want to train for a 5K again! Thanks Coach!!! Report
I'm so excited to run my first race in September! These are some really good tips. Report

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