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Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Core and Prevent Falls


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In the SP Blogilates team for the month of June, we are focusing on building strength in the legs/bum area with a 30-day challenge which I would imagine would help balance a whole lot! Report
I definitely need to work on my balance. I will be trying these tips. Report
Work that core Report
Thanks for posting! Report
Thanks for posting! Report
Thank you for the caveats in the 3rd step. My proprioceptive system is thoroughly messed up, and since I live alone, I can safely work on improving my balance only when visiting my daughter. My system is so messed up, I can bump into doorways and furniture with my eyes wide open and my glasses on. I have bubble wrap on the steel leg of a chair in my bedroom -- tiny apartment, no other place for the chair, I was tired of breaking and taping my toes. There seems to be some disconnect between my body and my brain, and I have learned to adapt.

I must have unconsciously recognized the stance issue... someone once asked me why I stand with my feet planted firmly apart. I didn't have a reason except that it was how I have always stood. ::shrug:: Now I think perhaps it was a safety issue... I woudn't fall over if I stood with that wide stance.

If you have proprioception difficulties, please be careful. Report
Thanks for the info. Need to work on this!! Report
This article inspired me to make balance techniques part of my everyday workout. Report
I started doing a Tai Chi class and have found that to improve my balance Report
Definately need to start working on my balance. Report
Oh... barefoot. Is easiest. Do the one leg stand tree pose . Harder on carpet. Report
Oh... barefoot. Is easiest. Do the one leg stand tree pose . Harder on carpet. Report
I was instructed to brush my teeth for one minute on each leg...& then close my eyes while standing on one leg and count ... Report
Excellent tips so necessary for me Report
Great information! Report

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