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A Beginner's Guide to the Farmers Market

The How and Why of Buying from Local Growers


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thanks Report
I am excited to check out a local farmers market near me. I assumed the produce would cost more than the big box chains. I would prefer fresher produce though! Thanks! Report
good article Report
Can't wait for the farmers markets to open near me Report
I normally find the farmers markets here in the city much more expensive. I have a cousin whose family runs 7 farms. I find myself it less expensive (for the produce, clearly not the gas) to drive for an hour and go to the country markets and it’s nice to visit family Report
I do not always find them to be cheaper. Report
We have Amish farmers around here. They go to the market to price goods and sell them from a couple cents to a dime /lb. lower than the store. I consider this unfair business practice as they have none of the added expenses which stores do like everything which is considered "overhead" Eg:payroll, transportation costs, cold storage, employee wages and benefits and wastage. Everyone making a profit from the farmer to the retail store. I was raised as a farmer (dairy, small truck farm, & potatoes).!800 acres of farm. 100 milking Holstein and 30-35 jerseys along with hogs (350) so I know farming and costs associated with produce. Farm fresh is always better in taste and keeping quality. As an ex-farmer I will also say look to the commercial producers many have and will sell "seconds" usually mi9shapened or small at a greatly reduced rate, others do the picking and allow people to go thru and get leftovers free or very reduced rates. Report
I love going to our local produce stand / farm market. Now that it is the end of October they are all closed until next year. Stocked up on as much as I could and will just have to go back to buying my fresh fruits and veggies at the grocery store until next year. Report
Love the farmer's market
One of the best times of the year is when we are having farmers markets. There are 5 great ones in my area and I get all of my food I can there. Good prices but the quality is so much better. Plus, I want to support them so they keep coming back. Report
Actually, local farmer's market prices are not that much lower, depending on the fruits and vegetables, the cost is much higher. That also includes the artisan breads and specialties, for example, I paid $7 for a homemade olive bread whereas at a Trader's Joe $2 which was smaller, whilst another $5 a commercial Local Market.

Of course the sizes were different as were the prices, however, the homemade and Local Market were almost similar in size.

I truly believe in supporting my local markets, for I'm a crafter myself designing wire beaded jewelry and such. Report
Could you please post the scientific studies that you used to verify reason 2?

Many spark people articles have a list of consulted sources. I'd be interested in seeing the study that supports any of the claims made. Most are opinions, but "All of these factors can decrease nutrient quality." is a verifiable claim. The article softens it by saying generally speaking, and probably. I know this is just a blog, but if you did research this and have an easy link to the study I'd appreciate the link.
I love to go to our Farmer's Market. Now I buy large quantities of vegetables then go home and cook them all that day. I put some in the fridge for the week and I freeze some in baggies that I can later microwave. I may spend a couple of hours on a Saturday but I now have 2-3 vegetables per weeknight ready to go in minutes. No more highly processed frozen vegetables for us during the summer months. Report
In Wichita we have a "Kansas-Grown Farmers' Market" that I live for from the first of April through the end of October. I love it, and I LOVE the people! Not everyone is accepted as a vendor. The product must be Kansas-Grown or "value added" (think hand knits, artisan jewelry, chocolate chip cookies, etc.). If your community has a choice of Saturday outdoor markets--go to the one that doesn't truck its produce in from far away. If I am in town on Saturday during market months, I am there. I can hardly wait until tomorrow! Report
I started going to the farmer's market last month, I go once per week to stock up. I love it, the produce is so much tastier. The organic stuff is about the same price as the regular store-bought stuff, but way better quality. Report

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