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6 Diet Rules Meant to be Broken


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Gotta be smart Report
thanks. love the do's Report
I've always tried to be too restrictive in the past and as soon as I got off track, I'd quit. These are all good tips! Thanks! Report
Hard to believe we were duped into believing those old rules. Luckily we wised up. Report
Thank You...…………. Report
Great article and info! Thanks! Report
thanks Report
Good article! Report
I smashed most all of them when I started working at 10pm. Kind of hard to follow a rule that says don't eat after 8pm when that's when you have breakfast. Report
Thanks Report
These rules work well for normal hours but, for years I worked a swing shift and my meal plans were at different times so I began to intermediate fast.
Now that I am back to a normal schedule. I don't eat after 6 pm unless I have a party etc.and then I schedule according to my plans.
Jury is still out on low carb as I have a gluten allergy but I do eat gluten free bread that I make.
I no longer eat anything low fat I just portion control real food. Report
interesting Report
Interesting points. Report
Love all the sensible new rules! They work for me! Report

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