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6 Diet Rules Meant to be Broken


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I have been trying to convince people of these "new rules" for so long! I'm so glad for an article I can easily point them to. People will want to discuss things they have read or heard with me and it is ALWAYS something on the "old rules" list. I don't understand why they persist so intensely!

Thanks again. Report
I know for a fact that When i eat is as important as What i eat. I have proven this to myself time and time again. I have never been able to lose weight ignoring this rule - although i refuse to deprive myself if I am really hungry and the fast seems to be making me ill, it's all within reason but - i could graze on raw produce all day but this would all be ruined if I ate carb-rich foods before bed. I became obese in the first place because i always skipped breakfast and lunch and had to make up for it in the evenings - i didn't eat any more than anyone else. You are really off on this one - everyone is different. People with a certain build can eat between meals and not gain. I can not. And I can not eat after 7 as a rule without gaining a LOT of weight - unless i was to deprive myself in the extreme in other ways, ie cutting out animal fat - now there's a big mistake that cost me my periods when i was 11 years old, but i did it because of the advice of 'experts' which is what i am commenting on now. Don't listen to 'experts' to the point of ignoring what you've observed about your own body. Report
Fabulous reminder, all so common sense! (And hallelujah - let's rehabilitate BENEFICIAL fats and COMPLEX carbs - I'm so sick of seeing fats and carbs put down!) Report
I really agree with the "all things in moderation". One of my downfalls is banana splits, with dark chocolate sauce and real vanilla ice cream (like Breyer's and such) and a banana. Now I know the banana is healthy...but not when all the other stuff comes along with it! So what I do now is I still feed my cravings, but I don't do it every day and I've cut the portion size down to pretty close to what they say on the box a serving is (1/2 cup). I also don't bury the ice cream in syrup, I now just drizzle enough on to get a good taste of it. I know that just doing this change has cut out a lot of calories out of my week. Hopefully it will start showing pretty soon! Report
I really enjoyed this article! It's nice to know the truth behind those old diet rules and learning the new rules! Report
I'm so guilty of the "cut out all the temptations" and then binging later rule... *sigh* And yes - peanut butter is my biggest weakness. I don't know why, but I could totally live on PB&J and a glass of milk for every meal.... I really need to expand my horizons and taste buds. Report
A great interpretation of the rules. We all interpret rules to give answers we WANT to hear.
Great reminder Nicole!! Thank You, your the best! Report
Reading this article confirms for me that I am on the right track. SparkPeople has been an invaluable resource and I am thankful every day that my daughter found your site and passed it on to me. Report
LOVE IT!!!! I use all these basic rules when I talk to my patients about wt. loss Report
Great article. It's a welcome reminder of all the common-sense rules I tend to forget. Report
This is a wonderful article and very sensible! I pretty much have been following these "rules" or lifestyle guides since finding Spark! Thanks Nicole, as always you are awesome! Report
Following these common sense rules is how I finally lost weight and have kept it off. I still have a ways to go yet, but 36 lbs is good, and the best part is....I've changed my lifestyle....not just gone on a diet. You know diet...that cycle....starve, cheat, forget it and gain another 20 lbs!! When people ask how I've done it, I tell them "a very old fashioned way...I count calories and exercise"...then I tell them about SparkPeople. I see my friends on their "plans" and fads...and yeah, they're loosing lots....but I feel so sad because I know when thy are off their plan, they WILL gain it all back and more...will have spent a ton of money...and still have no idea how to have a healthy lifestyle. Report
I thought this was a very helpful article, and a good reminder of how best to drop the few pounds I've gained since I've turned 50. Thanks! Report
If you took all the changes I've made to my nutrition/fitness plans since starting SparkPeople and put them into one article, THIS WOULD BE IT!! This article covers most of the points of EXACTLY how I lost 122 pounds so far! (I learned it all from the other SparkArticles here.)

In fact, it is so awesome that I'm going to start referring people to this article instead of retyping all of those things in my SparkMail replies and comments when they asked how I found my SparkPeople success! This is perfect! Report

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