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Discover Your Inner Athlete in an Adult Sports League

Want to Get Fit? Get Back in the Game!


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At my age, I think playing sports would not be too healthy for me. Since I have thinning bones, probably not safe either. Report
While not joining a team or league, I have found that playing games (or at least one, in my case) make cardio exercise a lot more fun than something like treadmills or stationary bikes (the latter of which is what my doctor suggested). Similar to tennis, I play pickleball twice a week.

Others have said that age or medical incidents like joint replacements mean they cannot do things. Maybe so for certain people, but the people who play where I do include several in their late 70s and up to mid-80s. There is one lady who had both knees replaced and one man I think said he had one replaced. There is one man who came back today after a surgery that took more of his foot inback of one of the toes he had amputated before. Those people are a lot better players than I am. I am one of the younger of the players at 67 and I am having more fun than I have had in years. Report
Thanks but that is definitely not for me! Report
I wish I felt in better shape to get involved in a team sport Report
I would be interested in joining an adult sport if I thought I could do it without looking like a fool. Report
Great article Report
Great article.................Thank You. Report
It's always a fun time. Report
There are teams out there for just about anyone. At age 65, after two knee replacements and invasive breast cancer, I joined my first ever athletic team. Five year later I'm still with them (and have won six medals in competition). My grandson tells people that while certainly not 'new', I'm definitely not 'old'. Report
I would love to join some type of sport, but I am not very good any much of any type. Report
Would love to do this, but am afrsid I would not be an asset. Too many nasty comments and eye rolls from high school gym class. Report
It is all great ideas..but I find it difficult to be that active anymore.. I wish Sparks would focus on the aging population more Report
I did this when I was younger. Early adult life. I don't actually care to be around people anymore Report
Sounds like a good form of exercise, however, once you have a total knee replacement anything involving strenuous activity such as running is out. Report
We learn the most not by doing everything perfectly, but making mistakes and figuring out what to do next. Report

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