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Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!

Change Your Thoughts to Win the Weight-Loss Game


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Nice tips - not sure about the word Fatitude - sounds a little pathological and not too positive. How about having a Slimitude? Or a Slenderitude. Or even better: a Sizzlin' Hotitude :-) Report
Def needed to read that! Report
The author had some great Idea's but the constant use of the word "fatitude" was annoying and demeaning. Report
This article has "Kay" written all over it!! I have a fatitude...that's why I'm here. Great article!! Report
This was a great article. I saw myself throughout the entire article. I will save this article. Report
A brilliant article, these are the messages I've had to work hard to include as my natural thinking every day, but I'm finally happy & confident again! Takes time, but your life will change like you can't imagine. Report
This was a great article - will save to re-read often. Thanks! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thank you for this article. I really needed it today! Report
Great article. Definitely one I am going to reread. Report
Great article.
I have always said, the right attitude is a positive one. That is why I was able to go from 335 to 145 in less than two years. And choice, the choice is always yours. NO one makes us eat any food . We have the choice. It's all in your mind. What do you want more to be healthy and weigh less or have a moment of pleasure by eating some food.? A taste that doesn't last only creates more fat for you to cope with.
Say good by to the word can't. Say hello to I CAN. And set out to do it. It's all with in your capabilities. But you and only you control your destiny.
Be strong, stay positive.
Tisha Report
I found your article to be an "eye opener" for me. Thanks!
I have a "fatitude" attitude, but working on making it a "winning" Attitude! Report
Great article, I'm adding this to my favorites and posting clips on my page as a reminder Report
Good article, something to definably think about. Thank you Report
Finally an article that doesn't pander and baby people. This is a great motivational article and pointed out to me exactly why I've failed in the past and why I will continue to succeed now. Thank you! Report

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