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Drop the Fatitude and Get a Winning Attitude!

Change Your Thoughts to Win the Weight-Loss Game


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Thanks for article. Needed to read that😊 Very helpful and motivating. Report
Perhaps we should read this at least weekly. Report
I have recommended this site to a lot of people as it did work for me in the beginning, I lost 2 stone but, then I hit a brick wall and put it all back on. Reading this article has opened my eye's to a lot of things so, I am going to start up with sp again today with a more positive attitude. Ty sp Report
Thank you for that I needed to see this in black and white on print to motivate me .Thank you again Report
This is an excellent article to a point: I despise the Polyanna-type-cheerleader attitude which you seem to be promoting - it seems more than fake. I believe that you CAN change a negative attitude into positive attitude without going over the top; fortunately, there is a lot of help here at SP to do just that. Thanks for a good-ish article, and for all your other good ones. Report
Thank you very much. I find you're Article very helpful and motivating. Report
Iam new at this so I am looking forward to loosing the weight with all of you. Report
woh ,i love this ,i think i am going to share this with my friend . Report
From Jimini: Hi Dean, haven't seen anything from you in quite a while! Last time I noticed anything of yours was when you were considering EST. Probably not the best idea you ever had - but I was hoping that you would try it and I could 'ride on your coat tails' and learn more about it. I am an expert in negative talk - I see no likely end to this, so I guess I will just muddle on.
Congratulations on your advanced degrees and continued good advice. If you can find the time to write more for us, I see that I am not the only one who appreciates your work! Thanx. Report
this arti cle goes to the saved column - Thanks
Thanks for the article. I needed to read that again and again.. Report
Very good article.... Food cannot control me! I really have to work on a good attitude and no negative self talk Report
Exactly what I needed to hear today and right on the money- Thank you! Report
Please read this article! It is wonderful! Report
Nice tips - not sure about the word Fatitude - sounds a little pathological and not too positive. How about having a Slimitude? Or a Slenderitude. Or even better: a Sizzlin' Hotitude :-) Report

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