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Outsmart Your Cravings with These Smarter Temptations

14 Recipes So Rich, You'll Swear They're Sinful!


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Saved this in my recipes, it is whats for dinner Friday Night!!! Report
Thanks for the info Report
Nice recipes Report
Anything chocolate looks good. Thanks. Report
Thanks. Report
Thank you for the alternatives! Report
Yummy! Now, if I could only have a cook! Report
Good suggestions Report
Always good - I love spark recipes that help with substitutes. Report
If you're wiling to portion out individual servings and stash them in the freezer, then any recipe will work for a craving fix. I personally don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners, but I can see where that helps some people. My Kryptonite is cheese popcorn. It's hard to put that into the freezer and if you manage to hide the portions, after awhile, they get stale. So, I only buy small individual bags once in a blue moon and eat it all in one setting.

By the way, the Spark team that monitors these articles DO NOT read these comments, so if you want changes, you need to comment on their facebook page, or email them. Report
I'm afraid that any one of these would trigger cravings for me instead.
For me it's low-carb for better health. Report
I also agree. Not every article on SparkPeople is for everyone. I find this one very useful. I do make time for such great recipes. It's all about priorities. Report
Dear Tublady
I agree with you a 100%. I was glad to see the recipes,how helpful was that. There are some of us that need these substitutes, and I am grateful to see these.
rldn05 Report
You can't please all the people. Some of the comments here says that.
Having lost an whole person, and having cravings, some of these choices are better than pigging out on a whole pan of brownies or cake.
Many of us struggle with portion control. having a whole anything in the house is to tempting .
I do try to limit fake foods. I would rather have a small, or two bites of something real than no fat, fake sugar, food. But thats not possible for many, so to make a one serving to satisfy a craving is good.
I do believe you can overcome some cravings with doing others things. Take your mind off the craving. But it doesn't always work.
I can have candy and ice cream in the house and only eat a few bites ever so often. End up tossing ice cream out, it gets old. Others can't do that. But i can't have a whole pizza, So I make little pizzas for one. That way i control the size, and what's on it. Everyone has to find what works for them.
Don't knock the good intentions this article was trying to do in giving people choices. Report
Really? An article on how to fight cravings that has nothing but recipes? Don't you think this title is a bit misleading? I'm sure there are some great recipes, here, but how about some practical tips and suggestions on beating the craving and handling it when you don't have time to whip something up? Report

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